Bekah and Chocolate Chip Madeleines!


I’ve mentioned before that I like to shop. But I have not yet mentioned my amazing friend Bekah, who also loves to shop. Bekah and I are the perfect shopping partners. I’m sure her husband Jimmy would entirely disagree as every time we go shopping Bekah spends more than allotted in her budget. And I do too. But, it’s not our fault. We are good luck to each other. Not to mention our shopping styles completely compliment each others. And! If I put on a shirt that I think looks amazing on me and it actually makes me look like an 85 year old sloth lady, Bekah will tell me the truth. And in a nice way, like…

“It’s not that its BAD, per say, but it’s not as flattering as it should be.” I could almost entirely naked beside a few strings of dental floss and precariously placed leaves and she would find a way to spin it in my favor and make it about how the leaves aren’t good enough but my body be bangin. That’s true friendship right there.

My favorite person to shop with is hands down Bekah. Shopping with her is nothing short of two alcoholics going to a bar together. It might be super fun, but its a very bad idea. Financially speaking.

As stated previously, her husband knows this about us and is prepared to make great verbal strides to inform his wife that she will guard her bank account from my bad influence. Its not my fault entirely mind you, we are a deadly pair together. She is everything I’m not and the other way around.

She pays attention to the stuff on the forefront. She sees everything up front and catches the good stuff super quick. Plus, when she looks for things for herself, she’s also got you on the mind and never stops pulling things out that she thinks you’ll like.

Me? I look beyond the surface. At all the stuff she passes by. She’s the quick one, I’m the slow one. I lift up all the disturbing photographs to find the Picasso. I pull out the chipped vases and the handmade very disturbing Christmas ornaments of Santa and find the barely noticeable collectors edition starbucks mug underneath it. (who doesn’t love starbuck’s mugs?)  And I am naturally inclined to show my good finds to any and everyone who will listen even when I don’t want to buy it. This means that either way, we both leave with way more than we intended to get. IT IS AWESOME.

So, this post is to commemorate my dear friend who is my shopping kryptonite. Her favorite cookie is the Madeline. I had never before had these amazing cookies until today. And I can see why they are her favorite.


They are light, sweet, and buttery. They are an awesome cross between a cookie and a cake and I could sit in a room by myself eating them and watching Netflix until all 54 cookies my recipe makes are gone. Best part? So easy. The only hitch is you need to buy a madeline pan to make them in the traditional fashion. You can get these online (I use amazon) for pretty inexpensive. Or, maybe at value village if you have a shopping buddy like Bekah to go with.


Chocolate Chip Madeleines

1 cup unsalted butter, room temp
2 1/4th cups confectioner sugar
4 eggs
1Tbs grated orange zest
1/2 tsp almond extract
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 2/3 cup all purpose flour
3/4 cup chocolate chips (optional)

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and thoroughly grease your pan with pam spray.

In a large bowl using an electric mixer, cream the butter and sugar together until smooth and fluffy. Add in eggs one at a time, incorporating them fully before moving on to the next egg. Once combined, add the zest and extracts, followed the all purpose flour. Beat just until combined.

Scoop the dough into prepared pan by heaping tablespoons and spread them in each mold, leaving just a bit of extra room, as they will rise and grow slightly. If you want chocolate in your madelienes, sprinkle a few of the chips onto each form of dough. If not, just place in the oven as is. Once prepared and placed in the oven, bake the cookies for approximately 10 minutes, or until dark golden around the edges. The middles of the cookies will still be very pale as is the nature of the cookie.

Unmold the cookies onto a sheet of parchment to cool once baked. If you stack them they are so moist that they will stick together and not look as pretty. Learned that one the hard way!

To make them even prettier you can dust them with powdered sugar. Now eat them all. They are actually best the day that they are made so you totally have an excuse. Just saying.

IMG_0416 unnamed[4]

Okay! Well now I’m exhausted from eating all those madelienes so I’m gonna go take a nap.

2 thoughts on “Bekah and Chocolate Chip Madeleines!

  1. Thank you so much for this recipe. Now to see if mine will taste like yours! Phil brought those to work that one day and oh my goodness they were awesome!!! I will let you know how mine turn out. I am taking them to an event Friday night. A Praise and Worship night in Silvana. Desert afterwards. The little white church on the hill. You are welcome to come. My husband will be playing and singing. 7 to 9. Thanks for letting me use your pan too.
    Debbie Williams.

    1. Of course! You can borrow it any time. I love this recipe because its basically foolproof. I’m sure yours will be amazing! I wish I could have gone to the event, But I’ve been unable to commit to many things lately. I hope it goes well! I look forward to hearing how it went. Thanks for the invite!

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