Bekah and Chocolate Chip Madeleines!

I’ve mentioned before that I like to shop. But I have not yet mentioned my amazing friend Bekah, who also loves to shop. Bekah and I are the perfect shopping partners. I’m sure her husband Jimmy would entirely disagree as every time we go shopping Bekah spends more than allotted in her budget. And I do too. But, it’s not our fault. We are good luck to each other. Not to mention our shopping styles completely compliment each others. And! If I put on a shirt that I think looks amazing on me and it actually makes me look like an 85 year old sloth lady, Bekah will tell me the truth. And in a nice way, like…

Shortbread and Randomness

I have been feeling creatively stupid as of late so I thought I’d look up some prompts to see if I could be non organically inspired. I apparently, I cannot be. I find my best material comes from random moments sitting on my couch laughing with my mom (or by myself) or in the middle of a work day when someone does something ridiculous and a hysterical thought pops into my head. The problem is I absolutely never write these things down. Which is super sad for you guys because I’m extraordinarily witty. Oh! Speaking of couches, you should watch the peoples couch. That is a funny show. Anyway…

Trip To the Emergency Room

So, I went to the ER. If your wondering, the bright side of the ER? All the free fluids I want and free pudding and crackers. Sweet. I guess its not really free when you think about it though huh? Lets try hard not to think at all shall we? I find that is best practice in many of life’s sticky situations.

Period Days and Mexican Chocolate Pie

If you are a man who gets squeamish and uncomfortable with the idea of a woman’s time of the month, I suggest you stop reading now and move down to the recipe.

This is how I have felt the last two weeks. Watch and observe.