Buttermilk Banana Waffles with Maple Butter Sauce.

If you love eating dessert and calling it breakfast, and want an amazing recipe for waffles, or especially love looking at pictures that make you want to lick your screen, This is the post for you. Click away and discover waffle paradise.

Dating vs. Dates. And the winner is…

I wholeheartedly believe in a good romance. Not the whole “his pectoral muscle quivered” kind of romance. And not the twilight kind. But the real thing. I watched my grandfather love my grandmother till the last of her breaths even as she couldn’t remember who he was. I watched him love her, and care for her. Feed her, carry her, help her speak. I watched the look in her eyes in those few lucid moments when she remembered the love she experienced every day. A look that says nothing could separate them. I see that same love in my parents, through all the retirement fears, the sick children, the financial troubles and little fights that seem big at the time. They never give up and they never stop loving unconditionally.

I have spent all my years searching for that love. Dating till I drop. Online. In person. Through friends. Even asking out the random guy at the grocery store. Yes, yes I did that. He ended up being a panhandler.