Bekah and Chocolate Chip Madeleines!

I’ve mentioned before that I like to shop. But I have not yet mentioned my amazing friend Bekah, who also loves to shop. Bekah and I are the perfect shopping partners. I’m sure her husband Jimmy would entirely disagree as every time we go shopping Bekah spends more than allotted in her budget. And I do too. But, it’s not our fault. We are good luck to each other. Not to mention our shopping styles completely compliment each others. And! If I put on a shirt that I think looks amazing on me and it actually makes me look like an 85 year old sloth lady, Bekah will tell me the truth. And in a nice way, like…

Poppin’ some tags, and Blackberry, Plum & Hazelnut Coffee Cake

A wise man once said, when you have 20 dollars in your pocket, you pop some thrift store tags. And I live by those words.

When I got sick, I was in the throws of massive weight loss, (yay!) which meant my normal way with dealing with emotion was out. (eating my weight in pie.) So I adopted a new addiction in shopping. It started out small when I subscribed to a make up company sending me samples of useless make up products. I loved it. No matter what was in the package, it was like my birthday came every month when that pretty little pink package filled with stuff I’d never use came in the mail. Eventually I got too tired to even put make up on in the morning, so I switched to a jewelry subscription, thinking it was a more responsible …. Click picture to read more.

Considering The Lilies, and Eating Chocolate Cake

This blog is about the worlds best chocolate cake. At the risk of bringing up a very controversial word, its very moist.
But first, let me enlighten you on my recent revelation. Two actually. First, Even though they look super duper pretty, Lily’s are poisonous and should probably not be placed on a cake that you will be eating later.

Click the picture for the Second: